I'm a little late with this post, but we just had Judah's birthday party today so I thought I would take this chance to write a little bit about my big boy. He's five. FIVE! I can hardly believe it. Both Jeff and I have commented that he has seemed so much more grown up to us the last few months. He now feeds the dog without being asked many nights. It's a treat to see him becoming more responsible. He STILL loves to ask questions; maybe not quite as relentlessly as before, but he loves to know and understand what is going on.
He is turning into quite the little hiker. At least if we have enough snacks.  He loves riding his bike, playing with his legos, playing outside with his buddy Christian, and watching Odd Squad on PBS.
And he loves his baby brother. I think he might also be Ezra's favorite - just today I heard Judah singing to Ezra up in the nursery after he woke up from his nap. No crying from the baby, just cooing and (I imagine) smiling at his big brother.
Judah continues to challenge me and stretch me as I learn more about being a mommy. I often feel inadequate for the task. He still holds my hand and wants me to kiss him goodbye when I drop him off at school, which is wonderful since he mostly is too busy these days for snuggling.

I love my boy, and continue to praise God for sending us such a wonderful gift.


Sue Tell said…
And we too are so thankful for the gift of Judah! Love, love, love how he continues to mature and bring joy to your family.

Please give him a BIG HUG from gramma.

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