Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. Running twice in about 13 hours is a good way to give yourself sore legs, and make your second run A LOT slower than the first. For why I felt the need to run twice in 13 hours, see #2. I may try to add a swim in later this afternoon, too.

2. Outback's Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Pie is really, really good. And I really don't want to know how many calories in it. Outback's Chocolate Thunder from down Under is also really good. But surprisingly, I think I liked the PB one better. And please don't ask me how eating dessert at Outback fits in with my recent attempt to eat healthier.

3. Instead of just telling you it's positive, the ovulation kit we have shows you.
4. I spent almost all day on Wednesday in the operating room. (As a doctor, not a patient.) I quickly remembered why I didn't become a surgeon.

5. I'm in my continuity clinic this morning. I got to see one of my older lady patients who is so cute I just want to give her a big hug all the time and adopt her as my grandmother. I got to oversee an intern doing an ultrasound on one of my OB patients. I had a follow-up visit with the wife of one of my other patients that I saw last week. I diagnosed an enlarged thyroid (I think.) I really love family medicine.

6. After being severely mocked by my family because one time I made coffee that was a little too strong, I am finally gaining confidence in my coffee making ability. Of course, true to my nature, I do not actually measure anything, I just sort of eyeball it. Anyone have a good formula for how they make coffee?

7. Inspired by Megan's post, I took the test and think I'm an ENFP. Although it said I'm only a slightly expressed perceiving personality, so maybe I didn't answer the questions exactly right, because I am a lot more than a slightly expressed "P". Just ask my husband. Or see #6.

For more Quick Takes, go to Jennifer's Conversion Diary, a great, thoughtful blog I've recently started reading.


Anonymous said…
go figure... I'm an ISTJ. I suppose opposites really do attract!
* said…
I do 1 T of grounds or 1 heaping T of beans per cup of water. That's usually a tad on the strong side. If wimps will be drinking the coffee, I go for more like 7-8 T of coffee for a whole pot of water.
Melanie said…
For the coffee... it depends on the type of coffee, in our opinion. For the stuff Andrew roasts, the coffee you gave us from Honduras, or probably even store-bought Starbucks beans, we do 1 heaping tablespoon beans per 2 cups water. For other (cheaper) coffee, it's closer to 1 T beans per cup. The eight o'clock brand, by the way, is our favorite not home-roasted coffee - and way cheaper than the other "fancy" brands. And I'll try again to tell Andrew that the joke's not funny anymore...

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