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Hiking and feeling at home.

For Jeff's birthday this year I got him a book of Southern California hikes. Personally, I think this is one of the best gifts I've given him in a while because ever since he got it, we have been going on hikes all over the greater LA area. Of course, with the toddler and the 4.5 year old, there is often crying, whining, and lots of potty break, but I think more than anything, hiking in this area has really given me a love for California. I have always said that I enjoyed being outdoors, but to be honest, Greenwood, SC (while very beautiful and full of lots of great attributes) was not really a great spot for scenic hiking.

This family hiking has been a great way to spend time together for very little money. While I was on maternity leave we could even do 2 hikes a week since Jeff could take Tuesday off. It was fantastic. Now we are back to just being able to go on Saturdays, but we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of the more scenic parts of the city.

Paradise Falls: