3 Things

1. Ever since leaving St. Louis, I haven't found a radio station that I have really liked. But now I have discovered Pandora.com. Pandora can consider this a free ad. It's awesome! It's like a digital radio station, but you get to personalize it to your exact tastes. You type in a song, or band that you like, and it designs a station of all similar music. You can vote each particular song up or down to fine tune the station. And you can make as many stations as you like. This is great. And Pandora has no ads, or dj's. Just music.

2. The other day I was watching tv, and there were some ads for cold medicine feature people skiing. On snow. And I thought to myself, "that's weird, I wonder why they're still using winter-themed commercials." Then I remembered that it is still January, and they were probably playing the commercial in a larger market than just South Carolina.

3. There is a construction company using dynamite somewhere near our house. I can't imagine what they are possibly doing. But once a day for the last week there has been a house rattling boom in the early afternoon. The first time it happened I went outside to see if a truck had crashed into our house. The house rattled that much. But now I have learned to recognize the distinctive series of police sirens that preceeds the blasts, so I am no longer caught off guard. But Lucy still goes berserk.


Anonymous said…
Oh that sucks about the dynamite. When Portland was expanding the light rail we would occasionally hear very low rumbling for the detonations underground.

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